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WELCOME TO Pasura Crop Care Pvt. Ltd. !

Serving every link in the agri food supply chain with superior Crop Yield Enhancer, Organic Pesticides, Bio and Organic Pesticides, Agrochemicals, Insecticides, Fungicides, Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulators, Plant Growth Promoters and more.....

About Us

Growing safe and wholesome crop is more than science it is an art to cultivate crops that maintain the balance between quantity and quality. Dhana Crop Science Ltd. is a premier manufacturer, exporter and supplier who is dedicated to provide excellent quality Bio and Organic Pesticides, Crop Yield Enhancer, Agrochemicals, Insecticides, Fungicides, Fertilizers, Plant Growth Chemicals, Agro Bi-Products, and many more made without using any chemicals. We are committed to participate in the agrifood industry to manufacture agrochemicals that are safe, profitable and comply with global safety regulations. From individual growers to the largest agriculture conglomerates, we provide our products to every horizon, and we owe our success to our integral quality and innovative approach, solutions that help us to flourish.

Our complete knowledge of aspects of agribusiness, global presence coupled up with market intelligence give us the opportunity to understand the clients' need, value and business, and thus we provide our products in the shortest period of time. Our clients consist of large companies across the food chain as well as small equity, desiring to acquire an edge in agribusiness. Our global and extensive experience help to meet our clients' expectations in this rapidly changing agricultural world.

Through years of specialization, we have become an expert in agribusiness industry, understanding the nuances of the industry as well as participate actively in global business operations. We are multifaceted but with a single focus to offer best in class products to gain the leading market edge. In the last few years we have put our foot deep into the global business because globalization of the world economy has largely effected on agriculture business.

Why Us?

  • Robust infrastructure
  • Research & development facility
  • Quality monitoring unit
  • Affordable priced products
  • Timely delivery of consignment